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Transformation der Parkinson-Betreuung: Forschung, Mitgefühl, Gemeinschaft. Entdecken Sie unsere innovative Plattform, die wissenschaftliche Lösungen für ganzheitliche Unterstützung und Verbundenheit in Deutschland integriert

Shop and help Parkinson’s medical reasearch

At Little Victories, we’re transforming Parkinson’s care in Germany through innovation, compassion, and community. Join us in making a difference.

What we do

Individual Healing

An online platform connecting Parkinson’s disease research projects with eligible patients for clinical trials, streamlining recruitment and ensuring financial sustainability through a 20% fee on patient compensation.

Revolutionizing Parkinson's Disease Research

Facilitating connections between pharmaceutical projects and eligible patients.
Dedicated to expediting the discovery and development of potential cures.

Shop and help Parkinson’s
medical reasearch

Shop now to support Parkinson’s research and be part of our community’s journey towards hope and healing.


What we do

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